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British Columbia
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BC Forest Safety Council
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Injuries related to conveyors are common, costly, and often severe. Thirty-five percent of the work-related injuries that occurred in the manufacturing sector in the five-year period from 2008 to 2012 were related to conveyors.

In total, $218 million was spent on such claims. Approximately one in four injuries that were directly associated with conveyors resulted in amputation or fracture.

These statistics demonstrate how important it is to implement safeguards and lockout procedures.

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Safe work practices for conveyors

  1. Do not perform maintenance on a conveyor until the motor disconnect is locked out.
  2. Conveyor maintenance must be done by authorized and qualified maintenance workers.
  3. Keep clothing, fingers, hair and other body parts away from the conveyor.
  4. Do not climb, step, sit, or ride on the conveyor at any time.
  5. Do not exceed the design limits when loading a conveyor.
  6. Do not remove or alter conveyor guards or safety devices.
  7. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery while working with or near conveyors.
  8. Know the location and function of all start-stop controls.
  9. Keep all start-stop controls and emergency stop devices free of obstructions and within reach of operators and affected workers.
  10. All workers must be clear of the conveyor before it is started.
  11. Operate the conveyor with trained workers only.
  12. Keep the area around the conveyor clear of obstructions.
  13. Report all unsafe practicies to your supervisor.


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