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2015 Northern BC Safety Conference Wrap-Up

At the first free Northern BC Safety Conference (NBCSC) held May 30 2015 in Prince George, 120 delegates from industry attended to hear a diverse mix of presentaions on safety topics relevant to forestry and other resource industries.  Please read our Wrap -up publication on the event and hopefully we will see you at the next Northern BC Safety Conference!  read more »

Safety Conferences

The BC Forest Safety Council supports industry by assisting with the organization of industry Safety Conferences. Please join us at the upcoming Vancouver Island Safety Conference in October of 2015.  read more »

June 2015 Alert of the Month - Log Loading Safety

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Bill was considered a professional driver and worked with the loader operator to build a safe load for every trip. He let the loader operator know about any log that wasn’t sitting properly in the bunks or a log that looked unstable when he was crowning the load. Bill knew that logs coming off the top of loads had seriously injured drivers in the past.
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Most Recent Safety Alerts

Mechanical Alert: Steering bracket failure on off-highway log truck

Vancouver Island
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A 1980 model Pacific P-16 off highway log truck was backing out of a fuelling site when the driver heard a bang. The driver noticed that his steering had stopped working.

Upon investigation, it was discovered the bracket that connects the steering ram to the draglink had broken. The failed bracket was supplied by a machine shop in Campbell River, BC. A bracket of the same design had failed a few months prior to this incident. However the supplier was unknown.

Attempt to remove key ring on water pump intake leads to sliced finger, stitches

Martin Mountain (near Monte Creek, BC)
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Logging crew was actively fighting an operation fire. A supervisor (in a rushing state) was attempting to replace a non-functional water pump with a working one.

In the process of unbuckling the intake connection, the supervisor had to pull extremely hard on the key ring (he had no knife to cut the zap strap) to break the seal.

The key ring could not sustain the pulling force and quickly spread apart – the sharp end of the ring sliced through the supervisor’s middle finger. He was not wearing work gloves.

Pickup truck hits bump, opens up a sinkhole

near Bamfield (west coast Vancouver Island)
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

At approximately 8:45am a worker was driving a pickup truck between the Blenheim Mainline and spur road B500 near Bamfield (on the west coast of Vancouver Island) and felt a large bump in the road with the truck’s left rear tire.

At the end of the day, the worker was returning home on the same road and spotted a sinkhole. It was likely caused (or made much worse) by the contact with the truck tire earlier that day.

The sinkhole was marked with spray paint around the opening and painted sticks were placed upright for added visibility (see photo in attached pdf).

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