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VISC 2014 - 9th Annual Vancouver Island Safety Conference

Vancouver Island Conference Centre
Saturday, October 4, 2014


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2014 Leadership In Safety Awards

Nominate your forest safety hero today!

Get your nominations in! It’s time to recognize the safety leaders, heroes and champions in BC’s forest industry.

The BC Forest Safety Council is seeking nominations for two annual awards. We’re looking for people that work in the forest industry and are known for their safety-first approach. In such a vast province with so many hard working people looking out for each other on the job, who do you feel deserves recognition? Who has contributed to a safer workplace? Who has led change for the better? Let us know by sending in your nominations today.  read more »

Free assistance available to sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) in conjunction with the Manufacturers’ Advisory Group (MAG) are overseeing a team of technical expert advisors for all sawmills in BC.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide comprehensive support and expertise to the sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation at no cost to the industry.  read more »

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Cut costs & get your workers back to work faster. Joint pilot project: Truck Loggers Association, the BC Forest Safety Council & WorkSafeBC.

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Safety Alerts Rumblings
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Most Recent Safety Alerts

Processor catches fire; Crew response keeps flames from spreading to dry forest

Northwest of Prince George, BC
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A processor operator began his shift at 4:00 am. Approximately 35 minutes later, the machine lost hydraulic functions.

The operator thought he perhaps he had bumped the lock-out lever so he locked out the machine and reactivated the hydraulics, with no change. He pushed the hydraulic lockout and got out to investigate. As the operator approached the passenger side of the machine, he saw flames coming from the hydraulic pump compartment.

CLOSE CALL: Crew truck rolls while worker underneath conducting inspection

Garrison Forest Service Road (near Princeton, BC)
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A crew truck was leaking transmission fluid, so a worker went under the vehicle to tighten the lines the repair shop had just installed.

Somehow the truck’s automatic transmission slipped out of “Park” and it rolled back, pinning the worker’s left elbow to the ground and bending his wrist back. Fortunately, nearby co-workers acted quickly to free the trapped individual from under the vehicle.

A subsequent return visit to the repair shop determined the shift cable had stretched and was not functioning as intended.

Log rolls off truck during loading, smashes mirror and window

South of Houston, BC
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A Cut-To-Length (CTL) log truck was being loaded at the roadside, when one of the short logs rolled off the passenger side.

The log rolled off the back bunk of the first bundle then fell towards the truck, striking the mirror on the passenger side and smashing the side window out.

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