Worker Training and Assessment

Completing individual worker assessments is an important part of a safe and successful business. One-on-one worker assessments are necessary to ensure there are no gaps in the knowledge, skills and attributes each worker needs to do their job safely and productively.

BCFSC worked with industry to develop competency-based standards, training and assessment tools to help employers evaluate workers and complete on-the-job training.

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Each forestry occupation requires different knowledge and skillsets to perform the job at hand.  To be fully competent, workers need to have a strong grasp of both.

Using the assessment tools and supporting training materials for each occupation helps workers gain the knowledge and expertise to do the job safely and productively.  Workers and employers are encouraged to familiarize themselves and review the assessment to ensure that the people performing the work have the knowledge, skill and attributes required to be competent.


Training and Assessment by Activity

Review the training and assessment tools based on these harvesting activities. Each occupation can be evaluated using the assessment checklists and can use the supporting training resources if knowledge gaps are identified

Click here for the Light Truck Driver Assessment

Click on the yarding occupation to access the dedicated assessments and training.

Grapple Yarder Operator Hook Tender Landing/Utility Person
Chokerperson Rigging Slinger Tower Operator

Click on the harvesting occupation to access the dedicated assessments and training.

Feller Buncher Operator Skidder Operator Process Operator
Hydraulic Log Loader Operator Forwarder Operator Hoe Chucker Operator

Click on the occupation below to access the dedicated assessments and training.

 Silviculture Supervisors

Stand Tender

Click on the occupation below to access the dedicated assessments and training.

Manufacturing Supervisor


Click on the links below to access the worker / operator assessments.

Small Vessel Operator

Boom Boat Operator

Click here for Training for Trainers

Click here for Training for Assessors


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Disclaimer: All BCFSC Occupational Training and Assessment Resources are controlled documents that should not be altered. They are updated regularly based on industry feedback. Contact us with suggestions for updates or edits.