Becoming SAFE Certified

Companies are required to submit annual audits to meet their SAFE and COR program requirements.  The audit needs to cover the 12 months prior to the audit date.


The BC forest sector developed SAFE Companies (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) as a pre-qualification safety initiative required to bid on forestry work in BC and ensure a minimum standard of safety in all forestry work places.

Being SAFE is good business

SAFE organizations perform better. They are reliable, predictable and efficient. By having a safety management system in place, incidents and injuries are reduced, and companies improve their reliability, quality and competitiveness.

SAFE Certification is available for forestry and related companies, companies with COR from another Certifying Partner and large sawmills (MAG).

1. Standard SAFE Certification: There are three standard audits, each one best suited to company size. Larger companies have increased risks and require more significant audit requirements.

- 20 or more personnel: BASE (Basic Audit Safety Evaluation) audit.

- 2-19 personnel: SEBASE (Small Employer BASE) and ISEBASE (Independent-Small Employer BASE) audit.

- 1-2 personnel: IOO (Individual Owner Operator) audit.

2. SAFE Conversion: If your company is already COR certified through AgSAFE, BCCSA, ESC or Safety Driven, you may be able to use your existing COR Certification to fast track to a SAFE Certification. Learn more

3. MAG-SAFE Audit: BCFSC worked with the Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG) to develop the MAG-SAFE Audit program. It meets all of the requirements of our SAFE BASE Audit with additional focus on high-risk areas that MAG has identified. Learn more

Easy process and advice every step of the way

Our safety advisors are available to assist you throughout the SAFE certification process. For inquiries, contact us.