Certification Process

With a good safety management system, it  will take four to six weeks to become SAFE certified.

A small employer can become certified in as little as 48 hours, while a larger employer with a multifaceted system requiring an external audit, may take up to a year or more.


1. Registration

2. Training (choose one depending on company size)

  • IOO – Choose from our online course or a four hour teleconference, offered once a month.
  • SEBASE or ISEBASE – Choose from a two-day, in-person course or our online course.
  • BASE – Three-day blended learning including a two-day online course plus one-day in-person workshop offered three times per year.

3. Building/upgrading your safety management system to minimum standards

  • Depending on the size of your company and the complexities of the audit requirements, the certification process could take from one day to more than one year to complete.

4. Audit package (choose the one appropriate for company size)

  • IOO – Requires 14 questions to complete. Budget for two-four hours with an average business filing system.
  • SEBASE or ISEBASE – Requires the owner or a permanent employee to complete 24 questions. Budget for four-eight hours with an average business filing system.
  • BASE – A certified external auditor will complete 40 questions including interviews with company personnel and observations of work sites. Audit completion typically takes three-five days to complete and one-two weeks for the auditor’s report.

Note: It can take up to three months lead time to book a BASE external auditor

5. Audit review and issuing certificate

  • Typical review time for an audit submission is four-six weeks. Peak periods in June/July and December/January could take eight-ten weeks.
  • Two-day rush service may be arranged due to special circumstances with written justification. This service is not guaranteed and is not available during peak periods.
  • Deficient audits take longer to review and may require multiple attempts.

Support is available  throughout the SAFE certification process. For inquiries, contact us.