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BC Wildfire Service’s Mitigation Strategies for Wildfire Smoke and Other Respiratory Hazards in Wildland Firefighting     

With Drew Lichty, an Occupational Hygienist at Canada Wildfire who has worked directly with  BC Wildland firefighters assessing ‎exposure to carbon monoxide and wildfire smoke;  ‎and Steve Lemon, Provincial Safety & Wellbeing Officer who has spent the last 13 years on Incident Command Teams as part of his 30 years in Wildfire Response.

Drew and Steve describe past, present, and future research efforts conducted within the British Columbia Wildfire Service regarding exposure to wildfire smoke, ash, dust, and engine exhaust.  They discuss the unique workplace conditions and objectives present on the wildland fireline and how they may impact exposure levels and the operationalization of control strategies - particularly regarding the implementation of respiratory protection and air quality monitoring.  They review what an appropriate exposure limit for wildfire smoke may be, pulling from best practices and other jurisdictions - which may help guide risk assessment and decision making processes for all employees exposed to wildfire smoke.

Webinar Video Recording


If You Want To Change Your Culture, You Need Change Your Questions

The art of asking versus telling. Utilizing open-ended questions is not as easy as you may think. Engagement - specifically how we ask questions - is critical to building the trust, psychological safety, relationships and accountability necessary for culture change.

This webinar is intended for forest workers/supervisors in leadership positions. It will help set you on a path to creating conversations that matter and will give you a clear outlook on how to create a culture of connection. Hosted by facilitator  Shannon Overland, Principal consultant, DEKRA Strategic Consulting

Video Recording

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:00-3:00 PT



Analysis of Deflagration Isolation in Wood Pellet Production for Safer Operations

The purpose of this webinar is outline the report “Analysis of Deflagration Isolation in Wood Pellet Production for Safer Operation” to enhance the ability of management and decision-makers to effectively consider key areas of focus.


  • Combustible Dust Hazards and Deflagration Propagation
  • Overview of Deflagration Isolation
  • Deflagration Isolation Methods
  • Common Locations for Isolation
  • Managing Failure Modes and Degradation Factors of Isolation Methods
  • Incorporating Deflagration Isolation
  • Other Recommended Activities for Facilities to Consider

Presenter: Process safety and hazard analysis expert Kayleigh Rayner Brown, P.Eng., M.A.Sc., Director of Obex Risk Ltd.

July 18, 2022, Analysis of Deflagration Isolation in Wood Pellet Production for Safety Operations.

Tips to Successfully Transition into Supervision 

This webinar is intended for workers transitioning into a supervisor role as well as seasoned supervisors. We’ll cover the key principles of leadership, regardless of position or experience level, and help participants build their leadership skills and understand the supervisor’s role.

Hosted by facilitator Shannon Overland, Principal Consultant at Dekra Insights. 

Nov. 17, 2022 Tips to Successfully Transition into Supervision

Working on Live Equipment Information Meeting

Listen to the one hour recording of WorkSafeBC’s OHS Consultation & Education Services department and BCFSC's co-sponsored information presentation that focussed on a plant inspection by a WorkSafeBC Occupation Safety Officer.

The meeting presenters included Brock Dikur – Occupational Safety Officer, Megan Martin – Manager, OHS Consultation and Education Services and Sylvie Stekelenburg – Manager, Prevention Field Services.

Information Presentation from March 9, 2022

SIFp, So Now What? Refining SIFp Principles into a High-Risk Activities Program

In this BCFSC SIFp (Serious Injury or Failure potential) webinar, Marla Nicol, Safety Supervisor and Kristen Stinson, Vice President & General Manager, Corporate Services from Conifex Timber Inc. provide practical guidelines to adjust broad-based SIFp principals into a safety plan that works for your company using insights from Conifex’s own integration plan.

December 16, 2020 Webinar with Marla Nicol and Kristen Stinson of Conifex Timber Inc.

Serious Incident and Fatality Potential (SIFp) Campaign

As part of the Serious Incident & Fatality Potential (SIFp) Campaign, BCFSC is hosting a series of webinars by industry leaders who are implementing processes in their organizations aimed at drawing attention to events that have the potential to cause serious injuries or fatalities but which may be overlooked by the Medical Incident Rate or Recordable Rate bench-marking stats. By pooling and collectively analyzing SIFp data, trends and opportunities for fundamental program changes can be implemented.

October 20th, 2020 with Troy Withey of West Fraser Webinar

Building a Workplace Alcohol & Drug Program Webinar

Along with the new Workplace Alcohol and Drug Resource Package, this webinar will provide you with the necessary information to build an effective Workplace Alcohol and Drug Program for your company. This webinar is designed for company owners, managers, supervisors, safety coordinators and joint OH&S committee members.

Alcohol and Drug Program Webinar

Human Factors (WorkSafeBC)

The Human Factors' approach looks at the interaction between workers, the way work is managed and the surrounding environment. This ‘systems approach’ can help improve work planning, decision making and safety in your operations.

Human Factors are the application of scientific knowledge about:

  • People
  • Facilities
  • Management Systems

to improve their interaction in the workplace.

Presentations and media related to Human Factors: Presentation Feb 23, 2011 by WorksafeBC 

How WorkSafeBC Sets Rates Webinar

Have you ever wondered how your WorkSafeBC assessment rate is set?

Gerry Paquette, Manager in the Certification and Rate Modification Dept. at WorkSafeBC and a former tree planter, will take you through the process to show how your rate is determined.

No previous knowledge is required. This is great information for company owners and management, supervisors, safety coordinators, office managers and other interested participants.

2013 WorkSafeBC Rates Webinar

Injury Management/Return to Work Webinar

Join the BC Forest Safety Council for an informative one and a half hour webinar that covers strategies for building and maintaining an Injury Management/Return to Work (IM/RTW) program. An effective program to rehabilitate workers after an injury helps reduce costs and downtime.

This webinar covers:

  • The basics of what makes an effective IM/RTW program
  • Assistance in developing a plan specific to company workplace and activities
  • BCFSC tools and support services

2013 Injury Management/Return to Work Webinar

This webinar does not meet the SAFE Companies Audit training requirements. Additional training is required.

Overexertion Injury Prevention Webinar

Do you have a bad back? This webinar is for you!

This one hour webinar will use examples from tree falling, log truck driving and silviculture operations to explain what overexertion injuries are, and how they occur.

A focus of the presentation will be to introduce tools that you can use in your company’s operations to prevent these injuries. In addition to sprains and strains, heat stress injuries such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

2013 Overexertion Webinar

Prime Contractors Webinar

Join the BC Forest Safety Council for an informative two part webinar where we will discuss:

  • What is a qualified prime contractor?
  • What are the responsibilities of a prime contractor?
  • What are the responsibilities when assigning prime contractor status?
  • What are some common mistakes?

The framework for this discussion will be the new Prime Contractor Guide produced by the Council and now available to the forest industry.

Prime Contractor Roles and Responsibilties Webinar

Prime Contractor - Common Mistakes Webinar

Slips, Trips and Falls Injury Prevention Webinar

This recorded webinar covers strategies for managing slips, trips and falls injuries. Material includes the mechanics of gait, effective pre-season preparation, ergonomics, simple field-based observations and coaching techniques for reducing front-line worker slips, trips and falls.

The 1½ hour webinar was presented by Dave Coates of ErgoRisk Management Group.

Slips, Trips and Fall Webinar

Snowmobile Safety for Forestry Contractors Webinar

It’s sled season again! Are you and your crews prepared? Join us for a lively two hour session on snowmobile safety for forestry contractors to learn about pre-trip planning for remote field locations, the right equipment for your work area, safe handling skills (including getting unstuck), safe transport of sleds and much more.

This session is a great introduction for field workers new to snowmobile use and an ideal refresher for staff. There will be lots of discussion and opportunities to share your experiences and knowledge with other forestry workers.

Snowmobile Webinar

WorkSafeBC Supervising For Safety - Online Course

Meeting your workplace safety obligations and becoming a more effective supervisor

This free course offers you 24-7 access to high-quality safety materials. It also allows you to select the topics you want to explore and proceed at your own pace.

Online Course