BASE Audit

The BASE Audit was developed by forest industry health and safety experts as a fundamental measurement tool to assess health and safety programs. It is designed around common auditing principles, and gives a real time, practical evaluation of a company’s program.

Companies can use the BASE audit informally to gauge their safety programs and make improvements, or formally to record their program for the purposes of SAFE certification.

Notice Of Audit Activities (NOAA)

Before a BASE audit is conducted, a NOAA should be completed, forwarded to the BCFSC, and acknowledged by the same. Instructions on completing and submitting the NOAA are included in these forms:

Auditor workbooks assist companies in developing or preparing for the audit and can be modified/tailored to meet your needs:

The BASE 4 – Pellet Addendum Audit is intended for any company engaged in pellet manufacturing activities, regardless of their size.

Wood Pellet Auditor Workbooks

The BCFSC and WPAC have developed Auditor Workbooks to help enhance safety management systems which can be modified and tailored to suit your needs:

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