Who can be SAFE?

Forestry workers and/or employers in the BC forest or forest product sectors are eligible to become SAFE certified. It takes commitment, training and a sound safety management system to achieve a successful audit and become SAFE Certified.

There are three steps to become SAFE Certified the standard way:

  1. Register to become SAFE Certified
  2. Train or engage an auditor
    • Individual Owner Operators (IOO) - Train a permanent employee/owner (form, fee & training)
    • Small employers - Train a permanent employee/owner (form, fee & training)
    • Large employers - Hire a BASE external auditor
  3. Complete a Certification Audit (Safety Management System assessment)

SAFE Certification Three-year Cycle:

Once you are successfully certified, your company will:

  1. Receive a SAFE certification number
  2. Listed as a SAFE Certified Company.
  3. Receive audit results, a Corrective Action Log (CAL) and a timeline for your next audit.

SAFE certification is maintained as long as you continue to submit successful audits annually. See Maintain SAFE Certification.