Marine Forestry Operations

Marine-based forestry operations have added safety challenges and risk factors requiring additional considerations for employer and worker safety.

BCFSC works closely with industry partners, government and dedicated safety groups to help support safety performance and worker health and safety for those directly impacted by marine forest operations.

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The MFSAG (Marine Forest Safety Advisory Group) was created following the floundering and sinking of the Lasquetti Daughters (a self-propelled barge).

MFSAG is an industry-based group intended to cooperatively determine the type, frequency and factors relating to marine forest safety incidents and take appropriate actions to improve safety performance and reduce the potential for injuries and fatalities.

Links to key resources developed by the MFSAG that support marine operations in forestry are available under Marine Forestry Resources.

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The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) provides a key role in the investigation of marine incidents. The TSB's marine investigators are certified as masters or chief engineers of commercial vessels, masters of fishing vessels, or are naval architects, and have extensive experience in the marine industry. As well as conducting investigations, they participate in national and international government and industry groups to monitor safety trends and communicate safety issues to change agents.

Watch the TSB video illustrating the factors leading to girding and the recovery methods.

Marine Forest Operations Investigation Reports

Small Vessel Safety Video Series “My Business. My Vessel. My Responsibility”

This video series is designed to deliver public education on domestic vessel and regulatory oversight and boating safety highlighting the importance of knowing, understanding and meeting small non-pleasure vessel safety requirements.

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