Marine Forest Safety Advisory Group (MFSAG)

The Marine Forest Safety Advisory Group (MFSAG) is an industry-based group intended to cooperatively determine the type, frequency and factors relating to marine forest safety incidences and take appropriate actions to improve safety performance and reduce the potential for injuries and fatalities. The MFSAG will work to bring forward issues, develop initiatives and support projects that are important to the safety performance and health of workers in and directly impacted by marine forest operations. By applying their expertise and influence the MFSAG will aid in the execution of initiatives and make recommendations that drive practical solutions through the development of industry best practices.

Additional information regarding marine safety and the MFSAG can be found here.


  • Aaron Frost, Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc.
  • Brian Beaudry, Brinkman
  • Gary Bauer, Interfor
  • Glenn Budden, Transportation Safety Board
  • Don Wilson, Silver King Ventures
  • Rick Viventi, Arrow
  • Sanjay Gupta, Transport Canada
  • Timo Scheiber, Western Forestry Contractors Association
  • Dustin Meierhofer, Director, Transportation & Northern Safety, BCFSC Staff Support

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