Safety Awards

Leadership in Safety Awards

Leadership in Safety celebrates individual safety achievements in forestry. Award recipients are showcased during the Vancouver Island Safety Conference.

We invite you to nominate a leader in forestry safety. Your nomination can be an individual, crew, team, division, contractor, company, supplier, consultant, trainer, etc. that deserves to be recognized for outstanding safety leadership or achievements.

There are two award categories for Leadership Safety.

1. Cary White Memorial Award

This special award is presented to someone who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving safety awareness, expanding safety knowledge, developing safety skills at ground level and building a lasting culture of safety among BC’s forestry workers. It is someone who goes the extra mile to help others reach their safety goals with a helping hand, proven experience and knowledge.

2. Forest Safety Most Valuable Player (MVP)

This award recognizes an individual or group that has made a notable contribution to forest industry safety within their operation or company.

The MVP could be a worker whose idea resulted in improvements to workplace safety, a supervisor who communicated regularly with their crew spearheading safe work procedures, a crew that found a way to work more safely and productively, a manager who demonstrated commitment to worker safety, a committee that achieved safety improvements through persistent efforts to seek changes, or a company that has demonstrated leadership in integrating health & safety into their business practices.

Nominate a Safety Leader

How to Nominate

Simply email us your nomination to Within your email, include:  

  • Nominee’s name (first and last)
  • Nominee’s Job Title
  • Nominee’s location and employer
  • Nomination Category (Cary White Award or MVP)
  • A description of the reason for the nomination (please provide as much detail as possible)
  • Your name and email address

Deadline for 2022 nominations is October 3rd.

Previous Leadership in Safety Award Winners