COR Incentive

Financial incentive is an important part of the COR program.  If an employer has achieved COR certification and is in good standing with WorkSafeBC, the employer will be considered for an incentive approval. 

NOTE: COR Incentives and COR Certificates are two different streams. You may have a valid COR certificate and still not be approved for an incentive.

The employer will not be approved for an incentive if, in the previous year, it has:

-  Engaged in activity that would cause WorkSafeBC to impose, or consider imposing, an administrative penalty.

-  Suppressed claims for compensation or a claim cost.

-  An outstanding balance related to your WorkSafeBC employer account.

-  Failed to register with WorkSafeBC.

-  Not reported payroll to WorkSafeBC for the audit year.

-  Engaged in any misconduct WorkSafeBC considers inconsistent with participation in the COR program.

UPDATE: Incentive Payments

Beginning in May/June 2021, WorkSafeBC will no longer provide physical cheques for COR financial incentives. Instead, if an employer meets the program’s incentive eligibility criteria, incentive payment will be credited directly to the employer’s WorkSafeBC account.

This change will: 

  • Eliminate delays in reimbursement created by mail delivery disruptions or outdated contact information.
  • Eliminate the step requiring the cheque to be deposited.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint.

If you have any questions about this new credit incentive, email