Building Your Safety Program

BCFSC offers training to help small employers build and review your safety program and prepare you to conduct a certification audit. 

Small Employer Training - SEBASE, ISEBASE or IOO Companies

Small employers seeking SAFE and/or COR Certification must train a permanent employee or owner to be an internal auditor.

Initial Training Courses:

Only COR Certification requires auditor refresher training. Small employers seeking a COR incentive payment must train a permanent employee or owner before audits are submitted. This person must complete refresher training every three years and perform at least two audits every three years in order to keep their auditor status. If status is lost, they or another permanent employee must retake their initial training.

Refresher Training Courses:

Large Employers - BASE Company Training

There is no mandatory training requirement for larger employers. Certification and re-certification audits must be performed by a BCFSC certified BASE external auditor. Maintenance audits may be performed by either a BCFSC certified BASE external auditor, or a permanent employee who has completed BASE Internal Auditor training.

BASE Training: