Individual Owner Operator – Refresher

This refresher course is for Individual Owner Operator (IOO) auditors, and is a requirement for the WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition (COR) program eligibility. To keep current, refresher training must be taken within three years of the first successful audit after initial training, or prior to your COR auditor expiration date.

If a company does not have COR certification, auditor refresher training is not required.  If there are any questions about COR requirements or auditor expiry dates, please contact SAFE Companies. 

This course is offered in English only and participants are expected to fully participate with the training content. Participants will receive a record of completion for finishing the training.

Learning Outcomes

This course reinforces the learning outcomes of the IOO training:

  • Understand basic safety rights and responsibilities
  • Understand the SAFE Companies audit process and WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  • Understand tools, templates, and advocacy services available for your business
  • Gain the skills to complete your audit submission.

In addition, this course helps the IOO submit audits that can be recommended for COR.

Duration & Delivery

Online: A minimum of 4 hours is expected, however individuals progress at their own pace. Time commitment may vary due to existing safety system preparedness. Those with limited safety systems or prior experience may require more time.

Online learning is self-paced with flexible, 24/7 access. Participants are expected to complete the course within 6 months of enrollment.

Note: If online training is not a suitable delivery method, please contact SAFE Companies to discuss further. Email or call toll-free 877-741-1060.


No cost – free online training.


Submit a completed enrollment form.

Enrollments are typically processed within 3 days.