The Forest Industry Reporting System  - aka FIRS App - is a FREE forms management mobile application currently under development by EHS  Analytics to help streamline and reduce the amount of safety-related paperwork and administrative work required in the field.

The full scope of the FIRS App will be available in 2024 and will provide BCFSC Members access to online forms to document their in-field activities using their iOS or Android mobile device(s) and help small employers build and maintain their SAFE Company Certification.

The FIRS App will allow users to fill out and manage forms using their mobile device. Information can be entered into the App forms even if the device is offline. The information will be automatically submitted once the device is back online.

The key features under development are:

  • Auto storage of SAFE Companies forms for record keeping and to support SAFE Companies audit documentation requirements
  • Store company Safe Work Procedures so workers can access in field (available on and offline)
  • Submit the records/reports to clients/stakeholders (only if wanted!)
  • Available on IOS and Android devices
  • Automated work flows to help manage work
  • System generated notifications
  • Talk to text enabled to reduce typing
  • Able to take pictures in field to upload
  • Role based access and tasks
  • Due tasks highlighted
  • Maintain training profiles and records for workers
  • Available on and offline with auto sync
  • Tips and tricks to help with completion of audit
  • Support SAFE Companies Audit submission requirements


FIRS has recently been updated and is now live with the following NEW features:

* Worker Orientation Equipment Logs
* Worker Observation Meeting Minutes

The latest FIRS features are available on both the Mobile and web-based Dashboard. * Worker Observation and Orientation are accessible on the PEOPLE  screen.

FIRS Dashboard - allows you to manage both the web and mobile apps. You can use the dashboard to manage users, user permissions, add project sites, add people and view reports.

FIRS Web App - allows you to see and review reports submitted from the mobile app. You can also review and edit reports submitted through the mobile app, create tasks and corrective actions and submit and keep track of reports.

Reports - can be created using the App even if your device is offline. Once you are back online, the information will be automatically submitted into your reporting queue.

The latest version of the BCFSC FIRS App can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. Go to the App store on your device and search for BCFSC FIRS to download the FREE App.

Please note: BCFSC Quick Add will transition into the new version but will exist temporarily until the transition is complete. Supervisor Queue/EHS forms will be slowly removed over time as we transition to the BCFSC FIRS web app where all forms and records will eventually be stored. 

For new users

  1. Simply go to the App store on your device and search for BCFSC FIRS to download the FREE App.
  2. To access the App, you will require confirmation by BCFSC of SAFE Certification BEFORE you can access the App.
  3. Submit your access request online. Or request by email at firs@bcforestsafe.org.
  4. Once you are confirmed as a SAFE Certified Company, your FIRS App account will be created.
  5. You will receive an email from the App developer, EHS Analytics, with instructions on setting up your FIRS account with your individual registration details.

For Existing Users of the BCFSC Quick Add, re-download the NEWEST VERSION of the BCFSC FIRS App.

  1. Simply go to the App Store on your mobile device and search for "BCFSC FIRS" to download the new app.
  2. You can log into the newest version of the "BCFSC FIRS" app by entering your existing credentials (username and password).
  3. Historical data and old reports submitted through the "BCFSC Quick Add" will be visible in the EHS Dashboard
  4. New reports submitted through the "BCFSC FIRS" app will be visible in the BCFSC FIRS web app.

Download the BCFSC FIRS - Getting Started Guide! and learn how to use the BCFSC FIRS App.

Download the How to add Projects & People Guide and learn how to manage your FIRS App reports and users.

To learn more about the FIRS App forms management portal and how it will support the record keeping requirements for small employers and assist in building and maintaining SAFE Company Certification, please contact us via email FIRS@bcforestsafe.org