Small Employer Audits (ISEBASE & SEBASE)

Who Should Use this Audit

Use this audit for Certification, Maintenance and Re-certification Audits when the combined number of employees and dependent contractors employed:

  • Have more than one on site
  • Averages less than 20
  • Never has more than 24 in peak season.

The SAFE Companies program categorizes small employers as:

  • ISEBASE: 2-5 employed
  • SEBASE: 6-19 employed

Both ISEBASE and SEBASE companies use the same audit form.

Online Audit Tools

Fill out your audit forms directly online and submit in one easy location with our new Online Audit Tool (OAT) if you are using a computer with a web browser and a stable high speed internet connection.

Audit Forms

Audit Forms - download an audit form

Small Employer Audit (Word doc)

Small Employer Audit (PDF)

Audit Support Resources

Audit Support Resources - access these resources to help you with your audit

Video Tutorial: How to complete a SEBASE/ISEBASE audit

Emergency Response Planning (ERPs)

First Aid

Safe Work Procedures

Pre-Work Planning

Pre-Shift / Safety Meetings

How To's

Incident Investigation / Close Call & Hazard Reporting


Pick-ups / ATVs / Heavy Equipment & Commercial Vehicles


Phase Congestion Management


Supervisor Documentation / Monthly / Checklists

Falling Resources

Worker Safety Representative

Injury Management / Return to Work (IM/RTW)

DISCLAIMER: Information contained in the audit support documents do not provide the sole method to correctly address work-related risks. These support documents are meant to help develop your company’s safety management system but they may not identify ALL appropriate and necessary requirements or actions for various situations. It does not reduce or replace users’ responsibilities under applicable legislation. Individual organizations (companies/employers) are responsible to ensure application of suitable processes and practices. The information provided is subject to change based on updated government requirements and regulations. Every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of the information herein and to avoid errors and omissions.

Submitting Audits

BCFSC recommends using the new online audit tool or submitting your audit electronically if you are using a computer with a web browser and have a stable high speed internet connection. Learn More about submitting your audit.