Submitting an Audit

BCFSC recommends electronic audit submissions using the following options:

1. Upload via our website (for files 8MB or larger)

2. Email (files less than 8MB) to

3. Use our  ONLINE AUDIT TOOL (OAT) (85MB max per file).

4. Send by fax: 250-741-1068

Online Audit Tool (OAT)

Our Online Audit Tool (OAT) is a great tool for submitting your SAFE Companies Audit IF you follow the instructions very carefully. OAT allows you to fill out your audit forms online and submit in one easy location to help maintain SAFE certification.

Each step in the instructions MUST be followed or required documents will not be included and your audit submission will not be successful.

Please review the OAT instructions carefully and watch all the instruction videos BEFORE using the OAT tool.

Or submit your audit using one of our alternate submission options.

If paper audit submissions are your only option, submission can be sent using:

  1. Courier or tracked delivery service to the BCFSC Nanaimo office. 
  2. Drop off to the BCFSC Nanaimo Office from 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Upon arrival, masks are required with social distancing procedures in place.

NOTE: Only submit copies of documents. Original documents will not be returned.

Audit Results, Certificates and Returned Audits

Audit results letters and SAFE Certificates will be emailed where applicable. Hard copies will only be mailed upon request and will be sent via Canada Post.

Check if your audit has been received - call 1-877-741-1060.