Online Audit Tool (OAT)

As part of our commitment to forest industry safety, we strive to provide intuitive, practical tools for maintaining SAFE certification.

Our new Online Audit Tool (OAT) allows you to fill out your audit forms online and submit in one easy location. The benefits of using OAT are:

  • Confidence your audit has been received when you receive an automatic confirmation receipt.
  • The ability to fill out your audit at your own pace by saving your progress. All information entered will be saved for you when you return to complete your submission.
  • When you submit your audit, OAT checks for errors before accepting your upload. It prompts you to complete missing information.
  • By using OAT, you will receive your audit results sooner than if you submitted by email or paper.

OAT is designed to be completed using a computer with a web browser and a stable high speed internet connection. Although OAT does not use video, if your internet connection does not support good quality video streaming it will not be sufficient for OAT and we do not recommend using OAT. Do not use on a tablet or phone. Maximum file size for online submission 85MB.

Learn How to Use OAT

The first step to a successful audit submission using OAT is to fully understand how to use the tool.

Learn how to use the tool by watching our easy-to-follow Online Audit Tool (OAT) videos and/or download our step-by-step guide.

Access OAT

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