BASE Internal Auditor

This course is about occupational health and safety for large employers working in the forest sector. Participants should be active in their company's business operations and have knowledge of their health and safety program, as they will become the company's internal auditor and conduct their company's audit. Note that to perform SAFE Companies or COR eligible audits, a participant must be a permanent employee of the company that they will audit.

Program Profile

Occupational Analysis Chart (OAC)

This course is available in English only. 

Participants will receive a record of completion for successfully completing their initial training: online theory training, instructor-led workshop, and a competency conversation.

Upon submission of a successful student audit, participants will be recognized as BCFSC internal auditors, subject to program maintenance requirements which include 7 hours of approved training and a minimum of 2 audits every 3 years. Auditors are required to comply with BCFSC policies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Perform and document a BASE 4 internal maintenance audit for your own employer. The course topics include:

- Describe Documentation for Auditors

- Describe Regulations, Legislation and Codes related to Auditing

- Describe and Apply Communication for Auditors

- Describe Professional Attributes for Auditors

- Describe Workplace Attributes for Auditors

- Conduct a System Audit

  • Qualify as a student auditor who can submit audits for COR and SAFE Companies programs

Duration & Delivery

Certification Process

Blended Learning: A combination of online learning, interactive virtual instructor-led workshops and other activities are required for this course.

  • 14 hours of online learning including associated homework that must be completed BEFORE attending the first webinar.
    • It is recommended to complete the online learning no earlier than 6 months prior to attending the webinars.
    • Online learning is self-paced, flexible 24/7 access. This training was designed for viewing on a Windows laptop or desktop computer.
  • 7 hours virtual instructor-led workshop instruction and required group activities distributed over a 3-day period (see below for session dates).
  • 1-2 hours Competency Conversation
  • 3-10 field days for student audit
  • 3-5 writing days for student audit submission

Session Dates

  • October 21-25, 2024

Applicants must be approved no later than two weeks prior to a workshop in order to allow sufficient time to complete the associated online material and homework.

  • Instructor-Led Virtual Workshop - Upon acceptance, you will be provided with your workshop schedule including 7 hours distributed over the specified dates. 
  • Competency Conversation 1-2 hours - Upon acceptance, you will be provided with available options of competency conversations.

IMPORTANT: A device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with a web cam and microphone capability is required due to the participatory nature of this course.

Challenge Process

There is no challenge process for this course.

Additional Information

Virtual instructor-led workshops begin promptly at the time stated on the provided schedule.


The combined online and webinar instruction and materials is $525 (includes 5% GST).

Prerequisites for Training

Individuals applying to become internal auditors must have evidence to support that they are a permanent employee of the employer being audited. No specific prerequisite education or training is required; however, it is recommended that those chosen to be internal auditors are familiar with the main operations and processes of their employer and have appropriate technical writing skills for generating the BASE 4 audit report. The application form includes an auditor candidacy matrix that will provide guidance on who should apply.


Submit a completed application/enrollment form

Enrollments are typically processed within 3 business days.