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  • Grader operator airlifted out suffering from exposure

    Date: 2022/11/22

    The incident highlights the importance of doing multiple check-ins when working alone, or in isolation. Learn more in this industry-submitted alert.

  • MAG – Safety Alert – Bobcat Operator Trapped

    Alert Type: MAG Safety Alert
    Company: BC Forest Safety Council
    Location: BC
    Date: 2022/11/16

    Safety Alert A sawmill employee was using a Bobcat to clean out an area across from the sawmill strip hoist. The operator was lowering the bucket to the back blade… Read More

  • MAG Safety Alert – Dropped Saw Blade

    Alert Type: MAG Safety Alert
    Company: BCFSC
    Location: BC
    Date: 2022/11/09

    Safety Alert During a scheduled bandsaw change on an 8” canter, a worker was removing the saw from the wheel before the saw cradle was lowered into position.   The… Read More

  • Cab-tilt failures on log loaders

    Date: 2022/11/04

    The cab-tilt feature on log loaders experienced failures on multiple occasions. Learn more here.

  • October 2022 Monthly Safety Alert – Health and Wellness

    Alert Type: Monthly Safety Alert
    Date: 2022/10/26

    The health part of “health and safety” can often be overlooked. However, prioritizing health is critical to help forestry workers keep injury and illness free. Read more.

  • TAG Safety Alert – Broken Lift Strap

    Alert Type: CHAG/TAG Alert
    Company: BCFSC
    Location: British Columbia
    Date: 2022/10/24

    Broken Lift Strap The incident occurred at the trailer hoist while the truck driver was loading a quad trailer. The driver hooked the lift hook to the lift strap and… Read More

  • MAG – Safety Alert – Planer Incident/Kinetic Energy

    Alert Type: MAG Safety Alert
    Company: BC Forest Safety Council
    Location: BC
    Date: 2022/10/19

    Safety Alert The planer machine was running 1×3 on the afternoon shift, at approximately 9 pm the planer jammed up. The Feeder went to the planer control room and shut… Read More

  • Industry Alert: Firefighters out of position during planned ignition

    Date: 2022/10/12

    A gap in communication left a fire crew unaware of the plan during a wildfire near Invermere, BC. Learn more in this submitted industry alert.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Alert Type: BCFSC Announcement
    Company: BCFSC
    Date: 2022/10/03

      It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health is much more than mental illness. It’s important to take preventative steps to keep your mind healthy.   If you or someone… Read More

  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

    Alert Type: BCFSC Announcement
    Date: 2022/09/30

      September 30, 2022, marks the annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation; a day enacted to remember and honour the lives lost, the Survivors and those forever impacted by… Read More