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BCFSC is dedicated to helping reduce the potential for worker injuries and fatalities in BC sawmills and wood fibre manufacturing. We collaborate with industry advisory groups to support the development of safety management resources to improve safe operational practices to help companies and workers manage risks and hazards in the workplace.

WorkSafeBC Classification Unit:

We service the following WorkSafeBC Classification Unit in this sector:

IA      714022      Sawmills

Click here to access the BCFSC Sawmill Fact Sheet featuring CU time-loss claims and injury management trends.

MAG SAFE Certification
Why Become MAG SAFE Certified

The MAG SAFE Audit Program is an industry audit program developed specifically for BC sawmills and wood fibre manufacturers companies to achieve continuous improvement in safety performance. The audit tools applies greater emphasis on risk factors specific to manufacturing to help improve safety performance in the workplace and reduce the risk of injuries to workers.


Scalable and flexible to work for any size organization.

A safer, healthier workplace with less risk of workplace injury.

Continuous improvement of safety management systems and safety culture.

Training is specific to sawmills and wood fibre manufacturing and worker safety.

Sawmill and Manufacturing Safety

Safety is the priority in BC sawmills and forestry manufacturing. Industry experts and safety advisory groups work together with the goal to see workplace environments free of injuries, incidents and near miss events.

MAG Members

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