PPE For Women

PPE is a crucial safety measure to protect workers from injuries. Ill-fitting PPE may not protect a worker from hazards or may not function in the manner for which it was designed. Ill-fitting PPE can jeopardize worker safety and elevate the risk to injury not just to those wearing it but to their co-workers. Equipment that is designed for men is not likely to fit women properly due to differences in body size, height and body composition.

Lana Kurz, Safety & Environment Manager for Interfor’s Western Operations and BCFSC Board Member, has developed a list of PPE options that are suited to fit a smaller frame, height, shoe size, etc. This list includes PPE categories from work boots to apparel such as hi-vis vests, gloves, chainsaw pants, etc. with a source list of stores, locations and direct weblinks to online ordering.

Personal Protective Equipment