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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment

Workplace hazards are controlled in many different ways including personal protective equipment (PPE) which is a worker’s last defence against injury. PPE is equipment or clothing designed to protect workers from workplace hazards. It may include such items as hard hats, high visibility vests or clothing, safety glasses or goggles, ear protection such as ear plugs or ear muffs, safety boots, gloves, coveralls, life-jackets, fall protection / harnesses and respirators.

Employers, supervisors and workers all have responsibilities relating to PPE while on the job. To make sure this equipment protects workers as it should, it is important to know the responsibilities for PPE under the OHS Regulation and related materials.

OHS Guidelines Part 8: Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

PPE For Women

PPE is a crucial safety measure to protect workers from injuries. Ill-fitting PPE may not protect a worker from hazards or may not function in the manner for which it was designed. Ill-fitting PPE can jeopardize worker safety and elevate the risk to injury not just to those wearing it but to their co-workers. Equipment that is designed for men is not likely to fit women properly due to differences in body size, height and body composition.

Read the article from OHS Canada Ill-fitting PPE for women creates safety hazards, leaves workers feeling excluded. And access all of the virtual panel sessions On Demand from the PPE for Women event from March 23, 2023.

Lana Kurz, Safety & Environment Manager for Interfor’s Western Operations and BCFSC Board Member, has developed a list of PPE options suited to fit a smaller frame, height, shoe size, etc. This list includes PPE categories from work boots to apparel such as hi-vis vests, gloves, chainsaw pants, etc. with a source list of stores, locations and direct web links to online ordering.

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