FREE Webinar: Mitigation Strategies for Wildfire Smoke

FREE Webinar: BC Wildfire Service’s Mitigation Strategies for Wildfire Smoke and Other Respiratory Hazards in Wildland Firefighting
Wednesday, May 1, 2024 from 2pm – 3pm (PDT)
Join Drew Lichty, an Occupational Hygienist at Canada Wildfire who has worked directly with BC Wildland firefighters assessing ‎exposure to carbon monoxide and wildfire smoke; ‎and Steve Lemon, Provincial Safety & Wellbeing Officer who has spent the last 13 years on Incident Command Teams as part of his 30 years in Wildfire Response.
Drew and Steve will describe past, present, and future research efforts conducted within the British Columbia Wildfire Service regarding exposure to wildfire smoke, ash, dust, and engine exhaust. They will discuss the unique workplace conditions and objectives present on the wildland fireline and how they may impact exposure levels and the operationalization of control strategies – particularly regarding the implementation of respiratory protection and air quality monitoring. They will review what an appropriate exposure limit for wildfire smoke may be, pulling from best practices and other jurisdictions – which may help guide risk assessment and decision making processes for all employees exposed to wildfire smoke.