Phase Two of the BCFSC FIRS App is Ready to Use

The second phase of the FIRS App is now ready and allows contractors to use FIRS to create, report and submit reports for injuries, near misses, hazards, harassment, property damage and wildlife encounters.

The FIRS App new features include:

FIRS Dashboard – allows you to manage both the web and mobile apps. You can use the dashboard to manage users, user permissions, add project sites, add people and view reports.

Web App – allows you to see and review reports submitted from the mobile app. You can also review and edit reports submitted through the mobile app, create tasks and corrective actions and submit and keep track of reports.

Reports – can be created using the App even if your device is offline. Once you are back online, the information will be automatically submitted into your reporting queue.

Learn more about the latest updates and how to access the latest version of the BCFSC FIRS App by visiting our dedicated FIRS webpage.