Resource Road User Safety Guide

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) has released an updated Resource Road User Safety Guide for Spring 2013. It is intended for recreational users or industrial traffic unfamiliar with travelling on resource roads (e.g. delivery vehicles, mining, land surveying, etc.). This guide lets readers know what to expect on resource roads and some things travelers should do to ensure a safe trip. It provides driving guidelines aimed at helping drivers understand how to drive and communicate on resource roads.

Please note this guide provides basic information for travelers on BC resource roads. It does not contain maps or area specific information such as radio frequencies or road closures. It should not be considered a replacement for proper trip planning.

The BCFSC has a limited number of printed copies available, copies will be sent out on a first come first serve basis please contact us to request. Please freely print, email, post online, etc. the Resource Road User Safety Guide.

The Resource Road User Safety Guide has received much positive feedback such as: “it’s a great resource” and “we're glad to have something of this nature available for the public” and “Thanks for giving us the opportunity to review”. We encourage you to send us your comments and improvement suggestions; the safety guide is scheduled for review and if required, revision, in late spring 2014; please send feedback by the end of January 2014. Email or call 1-877-324-1212 for more information.

BCFSC Resource Road User Safety Guide Version 3.0

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