Log Truck Technical Advisory Committee (LTTAC)

The Log Trucking Technical Advisory Committee (LTTAC) is an industry-based group whose members are comprised of log hauling contractors, provincial agencies, industry representatives, RCMP, not-for–profit agencies and the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC). This group works to identify and bring forward issues and projects that are important to safety performance of the log hauling sector. By applying their own expertise and soliciting input from other log haulers, provincial agencies, licencees and subject matter experts, the LTTAC works on initiatives and makes recommendations (to BCFSC) that drive and guide the development of industry best practices.


  • To provide a consultative forum that guides and assists the BCFSC in the development and implementation of Transportation Safety programs
  • To work cooperatively and collaboratively, to identify issues, strategies and projects that deserve BCFSC / LTTAC attention, and to assist in prioritizing those efforts
  • To provide recommendations to Council, its Board and/or Committees
  • To apply practical knowledge and experience toward developing solutions that promote best practices and improve safety performance
  • To assist in the development of Industry Recognized Practices (IRPs), and
  • To be a conduit of information and ideas, communicating with industry stakeholders, the BC log hauling community and the BCFSC.

Key Documents


  • Greg Calibaba, RCMP
  • Wes Dyck, John Dyck Trucking
  • Peter Bueckert, P. J. Bueckert Logging Ltd.
  • Chris Schaap, Casco Holdings Ltd
  • Seamus Parker, FP Innovations
  • Vern Woods, Vern’s Ventures
  • Dave Barden, Barden Contracting Ltd
  • Melinda Morben, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Greg Munden, Munden Ventures
  • Jan Lansing, Commercial Vehicle Inspections and Standards
  • Earl Houlden, WSBC Representative
  • Jeremy Kuharchuk, Blue Valley Enterprises
  • Trish Kohorst, Manager, Transportation & Northern Safety, BCFSC Staff Support