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Harvesting Resource Packages

Chain Shot

When a saw chain breaks, it can scatter linkages into the surrounding area at high speeds.  Most commonly the chain shot moves along the plane of the saw, which can cause a hazard to then operator if the saw is aligned with the cab or the body.   The resource package below contains information about chain shot mitigation.

Lock Out

Lock out is described as taking all the steps necessary to remove or secure energy sources so there will be no unexpected movement of a machine or equipment.

Steep Slope

Operating logging equipment on steep slopes increases the likelihood of reduced machine stability which can result in an upset or roll-over. These events can result in serious worker injuries or fatalities, significant environmental damage and/or expensive lost production and machine repairs.  Productive, injury-free steep slope mechanical harvesting operations require an integrated approach that draws on the skills of all forestry team members – owners, operational planners and lay out crews, contractors, assessors, supervisors and operators.

The resource package below was produced by a technical advisory group consisting of engineers, safety professionals, manufacturers, industry associations, forest professionals, logging managers, contractors, supervisors and operators from across BC.

Also, see below for a FPInnovations report on Mitigating Risks from Feller Buncher Rollovers: Egress and Fire Suppression.

Winch Assist Harvesting Best Management Practices

The winch assist harvesting resources, downloadable below, were developed by FPInnovations. 

Winch Assist Harvesting Workshop Videos:

Winch Assist Harvesting and Best Management Practices – Jim Hunt with FPInnovations

Wire Rope Maintenance and Inspection in Winch Assist Operations – Brian Tuor

New Zealand Winch Assist Operations – Lessons Learned – Les Bak with Nelson Forests Ltd.

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Resource Download

  • Chain Shot Resource Package

    Package containing the latest information on chain shot to assist companies and workers.
    Resource Package - PDF

  • Lock Out Resource Package

    Crew safety talk, lock out procedures for logging trucks and machinery, safety alerts and a lock out poster.
    Resource Package - PDF

  • Steep Slope Logging Risk Assessment and Site Pre-Work

    Form - PDF

  • Steep Slope Logging Resource Package

    Resource Package - PDF

  • Mitigating Risks from Feller-Buncher Rollovers: Egress and Fire Suppression

    FPInnovations Report - PDF

  • Winch Assist: Best Managment Practictices for Winch Assist Equipment

    FPInnovations Report - PDF

  • Winch Assist: A Guide to Wire Rope Handling and Inspection for Machine Operators

    FPInnovations Report - PDF

  • Winch Assist: Harvester - Best Practices Manual

    FPInnovations Manual - PDF

  • Winch Assist: Forwarder - Best Practices Manual

    FPInnovations Manual - PDF