Faller Training and Certification

In BC, all manual tree fallers in forestry operations must be trained and certified.  Falling trees by hand requires highly specialized skills and a commitment to working safely every day.

Fallers need to be aware of physical hazards, the dangers of fatigue and stress, and the exacting requirements of meeting production demands.

Hand falling is not for everyone; however, for those up to the challenge, it is a rewarding and satisfying profession.

The BCFSC is approved by WorkSafeBC to administer the BC Faller Training Standard and is authorized to train and certify fallers to the BC Faller Training Standard.

We also provide a variety of in-field support services to industry including additional training, advocacy and company reviews.

Training to become a faller

There are two training paths for prospective fallers:

  1. Tuition Based Training
  2. Industry Training

There are two paths to becoming certified as a faller in BC:

  1. New Faller Trainees:
    • Successful completion of the 30 day New Faller Training Program (WorkSafeBC OH&S Reg. 26.22);
    • Work up to 180 days of on-the-job training under the supervision of a Qualified Supervisor or Faller;
    • Minimum of 20 Faller Trainee Weekly Training and Progress Reports within the 2 years preceding application for certification, of which the five most recent reports indicate meeting the Standard;
    • Written recommendation from your Supervisor that you are ready for assessment;
    • Apply for certification through the BC Forest Safety Council – additional fee required.
  2. Out of Jurisdiction Fallers (not in BC):
    • Must provide verifiable training record(s) from a training agency
    • Must show evidence of 2 years (min 180 days = 90 days/year) regular production falling experience within the last 2 years, (WorkSafeBC OH&S Guideline G26.22(7))

Click here for the Faller Certification Information and Application Package

BCFSC Faller Certification Cards are issued every three years to Certified Fallers in good standing with the BCFSC. Cards were issued annually up until January 2020.

From 2008 through 2013 annual faller fees were charged to all certified fallers before a current card was issued.  BCFSC no longer charges or collects outstanding fees. 

If you do not have a current faller certification card, please email or phone the Falling Department to discuss what is required to update your card.