What is the SAFE Companies Program


SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) Companies is a prequalification safety initiative developed by the BC forest sector. Prequalification means that various companies and organizations may use certification as a prerequisite to bid on or to perform certain work. The BCFSC has no information on which contracts may require SAFE certification. Each company must consult the individual bid packages and/or contracts that they wish to bid on.

It is designed to assist organizations in improving their safety performance to at least a minimum industry standard and to evaluate company safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols. All types and sizes of companies can be evaluated using one of three different audit tools.

The BASE (Basic Audit Safety Evaluation) audit is for organizations that have 20 or more workers.

SEBASE (Small Employer BASE) and ISEBASE (Independent-Small Employer BASE) audits are for organizations that have between 2 and 19 workers.

The IOO (Independent Owner Operator) is for independent operators of 1-2 person companies.


There is a great deal of information showing that safe organizations are reliable, predictable and efficient. Preventing incidents ensures an organization is in control of its processes thus improving reliability, quality and competitiveness as well as reducing injuries. Safety is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business. The BCFSC is in a unique position to help set the standard across the province since we are one of the only cross-province organizations working in forestry.

The prevention of incidents and injuries on worksites should be a priority, and if a company institutes the audit standards into their program, they will have a good foundation to provide a safe working environment for their workers. There are no guarantees, but if the foundation work is there and running well, incidents should be prevented or reduced.

Safety Advisors and Advocates

In order to assist companies with audits and safety performance, staff safety advisors and contract safety advocates are available by telephone and for face-to-face visits on work sites. Over 1500 visits have been successfully completed with overwhelming positive response from the companies that hosted those field visits. The BC Forest Safety Council is the forest industry's health and safety association. We are here to help you with all safety matters. Please call the SAFE Companies department toll-free at 1-877-741-1060 or email: safeco@bcforestsafe.org.

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