How to be SAFE Certified

Who can be SAFE Certified

A company or individual who works, or wishes to work, in the BC forest or forest product sectors can be SAFE Certified.

Being a registered BC Company with an active WorkSafeBC account makes it easier to start the SAFE Certification process by conveniently defining what exactly is being certified.

No matter your size of company, whether your have work history or not, there are options available to you and your company that will meet your needs. Any company that is willing to make the commitment can do the work to demonstrate that they have a safety management system that is sufficient to become a SAFE Certified Company.

Becoming SAFE

The three steps are:

  1. Register in the SAFE Companies program
  2. Train appropriate permenant employee/owner
  3. Submit a successful audit of your safety management system

For more information, and to start the process, see the SAFE Certification process.

Maintaining SAFE Certification

Once a company has become SAFE certified, they must undertake certain activities every year to maintain SAFE certification.

If you have questions about SAFE, please phone toll-free: 1-877-741-1060 or e-mail:


The size of the company and how sufficient their existing safety management system is signficantly affects how quickly a company can become SAFE certified. While normal processing is four to six weeks, a small employer with a good safety management system can become certfied in as little as 48 hours. A large employer with a deficient system and a need for a formal external audit may need a year or more.

Certification Timelines

Registration - all sizes of company

Training - IOO

Training - SEBASE

Training - BASE internal auditor

Building / Upgrading your safety management system to minimum standards

Audit package - IOO certification

Audit package - SEBASE or ISEBASE certification

Audit package - BASE certification

Audit review and issuing certificate



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