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Audit Submission Support IOO – Safety Meetings

The following resources will assist companies in developing or enhancing safety management systems and will also help you prepare yourself and your staff to respond effectively and safely in the event of an emergency at both work and home.

These documents are intended to be modified and adapted for your company’s needs as required.

SAFETY & HAZARD ALERTS – learn about the latest incidents and safety recommendations to help mitigate risks and hazards. 

BCFSC Safety Alerts

WorkSafeBC Hazard Alerts

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DISCLAIMER: Information contained in the audit support documents do not provide the sole method to correctly address work-related risks. These support documents are meant to help develop your company’s safety management system but they may not identify ALL appropriate and necessary requirements or actions for various situations. It does not reduce or replace users’ responsibilities under applicable legislation. Individual organizations (companies/employers) are responsible to ensure application of suitable processes and practices. The information provided is subject to change based on updated government requirements and regulations. Every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of the information herein and to avoid errors and omissions.

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