Professional Log Truck Driver Assessment and Endorsement Program

The Professional Log truck Driver Assessment and Endorsement Program

Since 2017, subject matter experts and industry safety working group members from the Log Truck Technical Advisory Group (LTTAC), log hauling contractors and other subject matter experts have helped guide and shape the content of this program with a key initiative to identify the standards required of a Professional Log Truck Driver.

The Program identifies the specialized skills, knowledge and attributes of a Professional Log Truck Driver in the province of British Columbia. It also provides tools to assist employers with meeting their responsibility to ensure workers are qualified and competent as required by regulation.

The program utilizes two tools to assess a driver's competence:

  • A competency conversation tool which assesses the knowledge required to be a Log Truck Driver. This will take approximately 2-3 hours. A copy of the questions will be provided to the driver at the time of the assessment.
  • The practical assessment which assesses the observable skills. At a minimum, this assesses one full-haul cycle operating on resource roads and including loading at an active harvesting location and unloading at the mill or log dump location. A minimum of 15 kilometres of operation on resource roads both loaded and empty is recommended.

To learn more, download the Professional Log Truck Driver Assessment and Endorsement Program or the Log Truck Driver Brochure.

Additional program documents are also available:

The Contractor Internal Assessment tools have been developed to support Contractors and Carriers in the assessment of workers.  These resources are for use within a company‚Äôs own operations: