Faller Certification Card Renewals

BC’s Faller Certification program finished its first phase in 2006, with all existing fallers evaluated and certified.

Every faller receives a wallet card valid for one year, confirming that they hold a valid certification.

As the program began, these cards were mailed automatically to everyone each year.


In 2008, faller renewal fees came into effect and fallers were required to pay a yearly fee to keep up their certification through BCFSC.  This fee helped to pay for cost of providing quality assurance activities, responding to requests for information from employers, maintaining records and providing other safety and information services specific to production fallers.

Lapsed BCFSC Faller Certification Cards


2013 was the last year annual renewal fees were collected.  Arrears fees for fallers which were active from 2008 to 2013 must be paid in full before a current faller certification identification card can be issued. 

Safety Assessments

Faller certification identification cards that have lapsed beyond three years are required to participate in a safety assessment.

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