Resource Road Radio Frequencies

Radio use is an integral form of communication on the resource roads of BC. Safety on these roads relies heavily on using the correct radio frequencies and radio use protocols (see link to example below). When heading out to a new area, ensure you have the correct set of road frequencies programmed into your radio. Radio frequencies / channels should be posted at the start of a road, but this may not always be the case. Below is a summary of radio frequencies used throughout BC. This is in no way a complete listing and should not be solely relied upon.generic resource road image

Disclaimer The BC Forest Safety Council has made every attempt to confirm the accuracy of the information at the publish date, but because the 2-way radio process is transitioning across BC, users should also consult local radio programmers, their contractor or the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for recent changes.

Radio Frequencies as of Aug 2013 (provided by the Radio Communcations division of Min. of FLNRO)

Read or download here & share with your workers.

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