Road Safety Channels

The standard resource road radio communications protocol, radio channels and signs were developed by the radio communications working group.  The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations lead the implementation and evaluation of the program. Industry Canada is taking the greater lead role as implementation of the standard protocols spreads to other areas of the province. generic resource road image

As of 2017 all Forest Districts within the Province have implemented the new resource road and loading channels and resource road radio communication protocols. The standard bank of Resource Road and Loading Radio Channels (40 channels) are available at local mobile radio shops who are aware and prepared to program radios with the new channels.

Note: as resource roads are in transistion to the new Resource Road Radio Channels, it is recommended that road users retain current radio frequencies until such time that they are no longer required.

Where posted, road users using mobile radios must use the posted channels and call protocols. All road users are reminded that forest service roads and the majority of resource roads are not radio controlled but that they are radio assisted.

In areas where transitions from the old radio channels are occurring, it is recommended that all users exercise additional caution when travelling on resource roads during the transition period. This should be communicated to all affected employees and contractors.

Find more details at the Min. of FLNRO website


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