Faller Standard Advisory Committee (FSAC)

FSAC is a committee established to maintain ongoing dialogue between WorkSafeBC and all approved administrators of the BC Faller Training Standard to ensure consistency, currency, adequacy and its usefulness to… Read More

Qualified Faller Trainer (QFT)

BCFSC’s Qualified Faller Training (QFT) Program is for experienced BCFSC Certified Fallers who wish to train candidates seeking to become Certified Fallers in the 30-day New Faller Training Program. This… Read More

Falling Supervisor Training

Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a falling supervisor, and will become familiar with processes used by a falling supervisor to support their due diligence. This course… Read More

New Faller Training

BCFSC is approved by WorkSafeBC as an administrator of the BC Faller Training Standard, and as such, is approved to provide training and certification to individuals wishing to become Certified… Read More

Industry New Faller Training Program

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) introduced the Industry Training Program model in July 2014. This model allows industry to select and train new faller trainees on the worksite for… Read More

Faller Training and Certification

In BC, all manual tree fallers in forestry operations must be trained and certified.  Falling trees by hand requires highly specialized skills and a commitment to working safely every day…. Read More

Falling Safety Videos

The BCFSC Falling Department has commissioned the following videos: BC Faller Training Standard BCFTS – Field Examination & Evaluation Dangerous Tree Blasting Dangerous Tree Blasting Dangerous Tree Blasting – Below… Read More

Resources & Forms

We offer free Falling Resources including forms, resource packages, safety guidelines, brochures, stickers, posters, and more to help keep you safe. Click our falling resource topics to access these falling… Read More