Faller Standard Advisory Committee (FSAC)

FSAC is a committee established to maintain ongoing dialogue between WorkSafeBC and all approved administrators of the BC Faller Training Standard to ensure consistency, currency, adequacy and its usefulness to industries that rely on it.


As manual tree falling and bucking in BC occurs in a variety of places during different phases, FSAC's role it to review, evaluate and make recommendations to WorkSafeBC on technical and process issues relating to the Standard.


The scope of the its work includes the following falling activities:

  • Harvesting timber for processing or sale either pursuant to a license or permit from the provincial government, or on a private woodlot
  • Falling trees in connection with forest fire fighting or fire prevention activities
  • Falling trees in connection with oil and gas exploration and site preparation, including seismic line falling
  • Falling related work in other sectors that may fall under WorkSafeBC regulations.

Contact the Falling Department to learn more about FSAC.