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COVID-19 Resources – Operational Planning

Scroll down to access downloadable resources for operational planning to help implement COVID-19 safety plans.

BCFSC does not imply or express any guarantee or compliance for your particular company situation.

DisclaimerBCFSC documents and resources have been developed for industry as guidelines and reference documents for employers and employees to use to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. BCFSC developed documents will contain COVID-19 information relevant at the time the document was created. As information is updated regularly, the BCFSC encourages workers and employers to visit the BC Centre for Disease Control for personal health inquiries or visit WorkSafeBC for regulatory information relating to workplace safety.

Resource Download

  • BCFSC COVID-19 - Management of Change

    COVID-19 triggers a review of your safety management system. Developing and implementing various controls to protect your workers from COVID-19 will also trigger a review of your safety management system to ensure that all safety program activities support your employee’s health and safety.

  • BC Government COVID-19 Go Forward Strategy Checklist

    Key steps to safely operating your business or organization and reducing COVID-19 transmission.

  • BCFSC COVID-19 - The Hierarchy Of Control To Support Essential Work Within 2M

    COVID-19 Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) is to assist in the development of controls for critical tasks that require workers in close proximity (within 2m/6’). These critical tasks are required to keep going but require work in close quarters (within 2m/6’) at any point during the task.

  • BCFSC COVID-19 - Exposure Control Plan Template

    COVID-19 exposure control plan template meant to assist employers with managing potential COVID-19 workplace exposures. The sample plan is a starting point in the development of an acceptable plan that meets the requirements of the OHS Regulation.

  • WSBC Guide to Reducing the Risk of COVID-19

    Guide created by WorkSafeBC to help employers reduce the risk of COVID-19

  • BCFSC COVID-19 - Pandemic Virus Contingency Plan

    Guidance document created to help minimize the health risk posed to employees, contractors and visitors from potential pandemic viruses and ensure on-going operation of essential business activities.

  • BCFSC COVID-19 - "What if Protocol"

    Guidance document for employers should an employee state that they may be infected with COVID-19.