Coast Harvesting Advisory Group (CHAG)

In December of 2012, the CEOs of TimberWest, Island Timberlands, Western Forest Products, Interfor and the Executive Director of BC Timber Sales decided to establish a task force to focus on the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries associated with the various phases of logging on the coast of British Columbia. The task force, named the Coast Harvest Advisory Group (CHAG), includes representatives from licensees, timberland owners, contractors and the United Steelworkers.

The BCFSC is providing support for the group. CHAG has come up with a lengthy list of initiatives which have the potential to dramatically reduce serious injuries and fatalities associated with harvesting activities and to help establish a stronger culture of safety associated with this work.

Below is a link to a summary of the areas in which CHAG is working. CHAG is particularly focusing attention on short-term efforts it believes will have high impact in improving harvesting safety. In addition, there are some longer-term initiatives which should also be addressed. Both are included in the summary:

  • Bill Nelson, Holbrook Dyson TLA Representative
  • Jason Cox, United Steelworkers
  • Craig Tilander, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development
  • Derek Nelson, Western Forest Products
  • Ralph Friedrich, Interfor
  • Mike Reagon, Mosaic Forest Management
  • Dazy Weymer, D/T Blasting Ltd.
  • Dustin Meierhofer, Director, Transportation & Northern Safety, BCFSC Staff Support

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