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Eliminate Hazardous Roadside Debris

On steep ground, excessive roadside debris can create significant hazards for fallers and others who work below.

In 2015 the Falling Technical Advisory Committee (FTAC) requested the Coast Harvesting Advisory Group (CHAG) develop solutions to the problem of excessive roadside debris. CHAG created a working group consisting of fallers, engineers, road builders and contract managers. The working group surveyed industry workers that could be involved with roadside debris and used theĀ  responses to build recommendations.

Seven key recommendations were identified by the working group. A brochure, poster and video were developed as resources for industry. Share these with your teams, co-workers and contractors and consider what you can do to prevent hazardous roadside debris for future phases.

Scroll down to access the YouTube video and downloadable poster.

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Roadside Debris Safety Video



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