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Every month the BC Forest Safety Council provides an Alert that shows how companies can successfully manage high risk situations in the forest industry. The alerts take into account recent events in the industry and are especially useful for monthly safety meetings. Best practices and safe work procedures are recommended. Resources such as website links provide additional detailed information.

Fatality Alerts

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When a fatal injury occurs that is directly related to the harvesting, log trucking or silviculture sectors, the BC Forest Safety Council sends out an alert to make sure the industry is aware of the tragic event. These alerts will not contain details as the incident investigation will still be underway. However, the alert will contain helpful recommendations and safety best practices for the type of work that is discussed in the alert. Where possible, the Council will provide further updates on the circumstances that led to the fatalities, often only after an investigation has been completed. Updates are clearly marked as such and linked to the original posting. click here for more...

Industry Safety Alerts

This website maintains a database where all forestry companies across the province can share information about recent incidents or close calls that they have experienced. The goal is to prevent these events from occurring again.

Forest Products Manufacturing alerts are now being submitted to BC Forest Safety.  Wood product operations can share information about hazards and close calls too.  See the link below for the Safety Alert template for manufacturing.

The BC Forest Safety Council does not edit the content of these alerts, nor does it verify the accuracy of the reports as the goal is to provide timely information to industry.  Providing your contact information is optional.  We ask for contact information so other companies can talk with someone to get further details on the close call or serious incident. Click here to Search the Industry Safety Alert database.

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Safety Alert Archives

For 2008 and earlier Safety Alerts, please visit our Safety Alert Archive.  Additionally you can search the Safety Alert Database located on this page.


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