BASE Audit

The BASE Audit was developed by forest industry health and safety experts as a fundamental measurement tool to assess health and safety programs.

It is designed around common auditing principles, and gives a real time, practical evaluation of a company’s program.

Companies can use the BASE audit informally to gauge their safety programs and make improvements, or formally to record their program for the purposes of SAFE certification.

Notice Of Audit Activities (NOAA)

Before a BASE audit is conducted, a NOAA should be completed, forwarded to the BC Forest Safety Council, and acknowledged by the same. Instructions on completing and submitting the NOAA are included in the forms.

Audit Submission Forms

SAFE Companies Audit Submission Form:

Large Employer SAFE Companies Conversion Audit Submission Form - first submission:

BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) SAFE Conversion Audit Submissions:

Enform SAFE Conversion Audit Submissions:

Auditor Workbooks

These workbooks are provided for your convenience to assist companies in developing or enhancing their safety management system. They are intended to be modified and adapted as required. The BC Forest Safety Council does not imply or express any guarantee or compliance for your particular company situation. The forms open in Microsoft Word and are 2007+ compatible.

Auditor Manual


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