What is the SAFE Companies Program


The BC forest sector developed SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) Companies as a prequalification safety initiative required to bid on forestry work in BC and ensure a minimum standard of safety in all forestry work places.

Being SAFE is good business

SAFE organizations perform better. They are reliable, predictable and efficient. By having a safety management system in place, incidents and injuries are reduced, and companies improve their reliability, quality and competitiveness.

Three audits tailored to size of companies

There are three different audits, each one best suited to the needs of a particular size of company. The bigger the company, the more significant the audit requirements to match increased risks.







Easy process and advice every step of the way 

Our safety advisors are available to assist you in all areas of the SAFE certification process, either by telephone and in-person work site visits: 1-877-741-1060 or email: safeco@bcforestsafe.org


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