Conversion Audit

Conversion of COR to SAFE

The BCFSC makes every effort to ensure a level playing field for bidding on forestry contracts. Companies with WorkSafeBC Certification of Recognition (COR) certification through the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), Energy Safety Canada (ESC), SafetyDriven, AgSafe or go2HR can obtain SAFE Companies Certification.


This certification is available to any AgSafe, BCCSA, ESC,  SafetyDriven or go2HR COR-certified company working in the BC forestry sector, unless:

  • the company seeks a forestry COR certification in addition to the construction, oil and gas or trucking COR certification
  • the company wants to SAFE-certify one or more of its classification units (CUs) already assigned or aligned with forestry
  • the company has a WorkSafeBC forestry-aligned classification unit

In these cases, the company must follow the SAFE Certification process.

Register with SAFE Companies

Complete the registration form and pay the fee based on the portion of the company being registered.

If a company only has a specific number of people involved in forestry, they can choose to certify only that portion of the company. The company’s registration and SAFE certification will contain a rider indicating ‘forestry operations only’.

Take Training

Assign a supervisory person to take the online Forestry Safety Overview Course to help ensure new entrants to the sector meet the safety expectations of the forest industry. The course covers:

  • Economic impact
  • Land ownership
  • First Nations consent
  • Bid processes
  • How and what regulations are applicable to BC forestry operations
  • How to implement a safety management system to meet industry and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure new entrants meet expectations of the industry while keeping new and existing operators safe.

Provide Annual Documentation

COR Certified companies may use the SAFEConversion Audit Form and provide two documents in place of an annual SAFE Companies audit for SAFE certification:

  1. The Quality Assurance report letter from their COR Certifying Partner dated within the last 12 months.
  2. Name of the person who completed the Forestry Safety Overview Course and is still a permanent employee.

SAFE Certification

The company (or defined portion) is issued a SAFE Certificate and is added to the SAFE Certified list.

The next submission to SAFE is due three months after the AgSafe, BCCSA, ESC or SafetyDriven COR submission due date to allow a new Quality Assurance report letter to be obtained from the other Certifying Partner following the COR audit.

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure all annual submission requirements are met in order to maintain SAFE certification.

AgSafe, BCCSA, ESC or SafetyDriven will retain primary COR quality assurance responsibilities, while BCFSC will also perform forestry-specific desktop and in-field quality assurance activities.

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