Qualified Faller Trainer (QFT) Course

Participants who successfully complete this course are eligible to become a Qualified Faller Trainer, a designation issued by the BC Forest Safety Council, as authorized by WorkSafeBC. A QFT is qualified to provide training to a new faller trainee, for no less than 30 days.

Course Description

The Qualified Faller Trainer (QFT) course has been designed to prepare experienced fallers to teach the BC Faller Training Standard program in a one-on-one setting to new and existing fallers. QFTs are responsible for training only those individuals who have demonstrated the necessary skills and attitudes to fall trees in a forestry operation without undue risk, as set out in the BC Faller Training Standard (BCFTS) program. The course can accommodate up to six participants, with two trainers. The majority of the training will be conducted at a field site. Participants are required to bring their falling equipment that meets “Best Practice” in the BC Faller Training Standard.

BC Faller QFT Entrance Requirements:


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