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Domestic Vessel and Regulatory Oversight and Boating Safety Videos

Transport Canada is proud to announce the web release of the Small Vessel Safety Video series “My Business. My Vessel. My Responsibility.”

This video series is designed to deliver public education on the importance of knowing, understanding and meeting small non-pleasure vessel safety requirements.

The series consists of five films:

Note: Google Chrome doesn't support these videos.

BCFSC Marine Passenger Safety Guide

This document provides basic information for small vessel passengers and is intended for forest workers in BC. It should not be considered a replacement for any training programs or a pre-trip briefing. There is not enough information contained in this document to plan a marine vessel voyage. Please contact the BCFSC or Transport Canada for more info.


Candidate Document Number

Why do I need a CDN Number and what is it? Transport Canada Marine Safety (TCMS) has requested that every participant registering for a marine training program or course, obtain a Candidate Document Number (CDN) from their local Transport Canada Marine Safety Office.

Application for Candidate Document Number (CDN)

Candidate Document Number (CDN) Requirements


Confined Space Entry and Inspections - Transport Canada


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