Changes to Year-end Audit Due Date

A significant change to the SAFE Companies program taking place in 2024 impacting employers that normally submit audits in December. Please note: All other employers with audit due dates between January and November will not be impacted by this change.
In consultation with the SAFE Companies Advisory Committee and BCFSC Program Committee, the year end audit due date is being changed to November 30th. This means that all audits normally submitted in December will need to be completed (last day of data collection for BASE) by November 30th.
This new date will benefit employers and BCFSC by:
1. Providing employers that normally submit an audit in December with additional time to achieve a successful audit result and be eligible for the COR incentive.
2. Reducing pressure on external auditors to complete audits in December.
3. Allowing BCFSC staff to schedule site visits earlier in the year which will benefit injury reduction with workers.
4. Alleviating the significant audit review surge in January and February providing BCFSC staff with an opportunity to focus on preparing the COR incentive forecast for WorkSafeBC.
2024 will be a transition year as employers and auditors adjust to accommodate the November 30th due date. New certifications or vital re-certifications to reacquire SAFE Certification in December will continue to be accepted.
For more information – visit SAFE Companies AUDITS or contact SAFE Companies via email at