Training requirements for SAFE and COR Certification


Companies wanting to be SAFE Certified are required to appropriately train a permenant employee or an owner of the company. The company must keep a trained employee, or owner, on staff for the duration of the company's certification, or train a new person to replace them. For best results this training should occur before the annual audit is submitted, however, it must be completed within six months of the audit being submitted or the company will lose SAFE Certification. There is no refresher training requirement.

Initial Training Courses

Companies wanting a COR rebate are required to appropriately train an employee or owner of the company before certification audits are submitted. This person must complete refresher training every three years and perform at least two audits every three years in order to keep their auditor eligibility. If an auditor loses their eligibility, they must retake their initial training.

Refresher Training Courses


There is no mandatory training requirement for BASE Company employees. Audits must be performed by a currently certified BASE auditor, which may either be a hired contractor or for maintenance years, a trained staff member.

BASE Auditor Training


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