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Stand Tender Training and Assessment

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The following training courses and assessment checklist have been developed specifically for Stand Tenders.

There are two options for training:

1.  Free online training. Click on the link below to access the Learning Centre. If you don’t already have a username and password, click on the Create New Account button on the Learning Centre log in screen to self register.

Online Training

2. Choose to download the Learning Resources below. By choosing this option, the training will not be tracked and a certificate will not be issued.

Other Training – Ensure every new worker has a basic understanding of forestry work and worksite safety with Basic Forest Worker Training or elevate knowledge with optional General Forestry Courses like Chainsaw Operation or Resource Road Training.

Resource Download

  • Stand Tender Assessment

    Use this fillable pdf form to assess the knowledge and skills of stand tenders.

  • 1011 - Describe Stand Tending

    This course will allow you to demonstrate knowledge of:
    - The purpose of stand tending in forest management
    - Types of trees in British Columbia
    - Contract requirements and planning
    - Tools and equipment used in stand tending

  • 1012 - Conduct Stand Tending Treatments

    This course will allow you to demonstrate knowledge of:
    - Pruning
    - Brushing and spacing
    - Stand tending for wildfire fuel management
    - Stand tending hazards