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SIFp (Significant Incident and Failure potential)

What is SIFp?

Significant Incident Failure Potential (SIFp) incidents are near-miss events with a high risk of Serious Injury or Fatality potential. Many near miss incidents associated with high-risk activity have the potential for Serious Injuries and Fatalities. Some of these near misses are not reported because no one was injured. Reporting these incidents allows the operation to fully investigate the causes and develop controls to avoid these incidents in the future.

BCFSC worked with MAG to develop resources and create aligned terminology and reporting for SIFp events so companies can:
  • Increase or implement SIFp reporting within their sites, and
  • Analyze trends from SIFp reporting to direct where safety resources and attention should be focused
Companies are encouraged to use these SIFp resources within their worksites to help implement SIFp reporting, investigating and sharing lessons learned.

Watch these short SIFp Videos and our SIFp Webinars to learn more:

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