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Shake and Shingle Guarding

In 2015, BCFSC worked with several operators to identify additional guarding opportunities in the BC Shake and Shingle Industry to address injuries taking place on shingle head saws and trim saws. Representatives from The Teal Jones Group, Waldun Group, Streifel Industries and Desjardin Industries (Quebec) collaborated to develop two guarding solutions for use in BC with the intent for companies to use these options or develop their own compliant guarding solutions.

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West Coast Shake and Shingle Guarding Solution Videos

Testing, Information Packages and Ordering: These guarding solutions can be ordered from Streifel Industries for the West Coast Solution and from Desjardin Industries for the Industry Desjardin solution.

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  • West Coast Solution

    West Coast Solution is a Guarding solution developed by people from Waldun Group, Teal Jones Group and Streifel Industries.  This is a two part solution consisting of a Head Saw guard and a Trim Saw guard. 

  • Industry Desjardin

    An engineer from Industry Desjardin has modified the guarding solution built for Quebec's industry to meet BC's standards.